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cobalt1Chrome ore is a natural formation containing chromium in such compounds and concentrations its commercial exploitation technically feasible and economically expedient. Chromium ore is found in different minerals and it is very useful.

Where is Chrome Ore contained?

The only chromium-containing minerals that provide an industrial source of chromium are the chrome spinellids. In addition to chrome spinellids, the primary minerals of chrome ores are the silicates, including serpentine, chlorite, and sometimes olivine, pyroxene, plagioclase, uvarovite, chrome actinolite, talc, and brucite, and the carbonates and sulfides.

Its Uses:

Potassium dichromate is a chemical reagent, used in cleaning laboratory glassware and as a titrating agent. It is also used as a mordant (i.e., a fixing agent) for dyes in fabric. Chromium (IV) Oxide (CrO2) is used to manufacture magnetic tape, where its higher coactivity than iron oxide tapes gives better performance. Chromium is used to harden steel, manufacture stainless steel, and form many useful alloys. It is mostly used in plating to produce a hard, beautiful surface and to prevent corrosion. Chromium gives glass an emerald green color and is widely used as a catalyst.

chromemmMining of Chrome Ore

Chromite deposits are mined by both underground and surface techniques.

Much of the ore is rich enough to be used directly: for production of ferrochromium, a rich, lumpy ore containing more than 46 percent Cr2O3 and having a chromium-iron ratio greater than 2:1 is preferred, but ores with a lower ratio and as little as 40 percent Cr2O3 are also used. (Ores high in alumina are preferred for processing into refractory brick). As finely divided ores, which do not smelt efficiently, come under greater exploitation, a number of processes are employed to agglomerate them for more satisfactory use in furnaces. Fines can be blended with fluxes and coke (the principal source of carbon) and then preheated or “prereduced” before being charged into an electric smelting furnace.

Chromium is unusual among metals in that its ores and chemical compounds were used extensively long before the pure metal was prepared. As early as 1800, they were used to make pigments and chemicals for leather tanning, and in 1879 they were successfully used as refractories for the lining of steelmaking furnace.

Why work with More Than Conquerors Company? The reasons are many.

Today, many organizations are under extreme pressure to optimize Commodity Sourcing in mining and exporting them to different parts of the world. Mining and exporting minerals needs companies to improve and manage the available resources by focusing energy on the core competencies of the technologies and achieving a more efficient service/product at a lower cost and with quality products.

More Than Conquerors Company is committed in providing our clients the basic function as international mining and exporting specialist role we perform virtually to every activity necessary to assure the quality mining and exportation and purchasing at the most favorable price, quality and conditions from the first step in mining and delivery point to final destination port at the lowest cost in the shortest possible time.

The specifications of chrome concentrations;


50 - 40%
Cr203( basis) 50%
Al20312.5 % Max
SiO22 to 5% Max
Phos0.007 % Maxx
Sulphur0.01% to 0.03 % Max
MgO14% Max
Cr: Fe Ratio2.5:1 to2.8:1 Min
Physical size0-2 MM95%
PackingIn Bulk







cobalt4In this rapidly changing mining and export world more than Conquerors Company strongly believed that we bring value to our clients by maximizing cost-effective solutions in exporting the commodities among other services that entail the overall process involved in our transactions. We align ourselves with reliable partners who provide effective services both locally and internationally.

As a company providing mining and export services for our clients, we continually maintain existing and develop new supply relationships, while performing extensive due-diligence on our suppliers to maximize buy-side resources while insuring service performance and total customer satisfaction, thereby lowering the cost of each transaction.

By way of introduction our business operates in many areas and we have a reliable and regular client base that has been developed over the past years based on our performance and service levels and most importantly our quality commodities  that are useful min their different works. We work with different types of clients and in all this our attention to mine the products and products we offer continues to be a major factor in building our reputation and our ever increasing client and partner relationships. We have direct relationships with minerals and exportation systems. Our reputation with both the service providers and the clients is very important to us and we will not compromise this under any circumstance and our policy of partnerships is very clear. In simple terms we work to achieve sustainable long term business relationships which benefit our clients and our partners.

Currently we have long-term contracts obligation of mining the commodities and in particular in ore which has many reliable product across the world and the clients have faith in our delivery systems.









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