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More Than Conqueror Company is a prominent company in mining , exporting and trading in range of minerals, metals and chemical products worldwide. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the right resources and network to assist them in the access of commodities at competitive prices and sound investment that will allow them to profit in this global market.

More Than Conquerors Company is comprised of well diverse and experience background in mining and exporting of commodities and providing professional services to the clients we serve. We have emerged as an important player in the way companies access the commodities and conduct their imports as well as the purchase of commodity feature and their various options. We have become the clients’ ears and eyes to the future marketplace where we conduct the mining processes and export the commodities to their different destinations. We provide our client with the insight needed by providing the right information on specific commodities, mining and exporting expertise, trends and supplier historical data to make the right decisions that can prove to be profitable.

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