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Is a mineral that is found as a combination of other ores or it is found in other ores. Zinc ores are widely distributed throughout the world and more than 40% in North America and Australia and the other part in the rest of the world.


What ores contain Zinc?

The common zinc-containing minerals are the zinc sulfide known as zinc blende or sphalerite (ZnS), a ferrous form of zinc blende known as marmatite [(ZnFe)S], and a zinc carbonate known as calamine or smithsonite (ZnCO3).

Its Uses and consumption

It is the fourth mostly used metal after iron, aluminum and copper. It is used in zinc galvanizing which is the process of adding thin layers of zinc to iron or steel to prevent rusting. It is used as an alloy whereby it is mixed with copper and other metals to form materials used in electrical components, automobiles and house fixtures.

Zinc ore is used in the production of zinc oxide which is the most zinc chemical produced in volume and it is used in rubber manufacturing and as a skin protective ointment.

Zinc ores together with copper it is used to make brass.


Mining of Zinc Ores

Zinc ores are recovered by many mining techniques, ranging from open-pit mining (mainly in the case of oxidized ore bodies, which are located closer to the earth’s surface) to the normal underground methods (used for the more deeply located sulfide ores). The most common underground method of extraction is cut-and-fill stopping, in which tunnels are dug to moderate branching away from the main portals.

The geology of Zinc deposits is complex and in most cases hydrothermal mechanisms have occurred in which aqueous solutions were forced through porous strata at high temperatures and pressures to dissolve zinc, lead, and other minerals  which are finally precipitated as sulfides. The zinc content of mined ore is usually between 3 and 4 percent.

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Silver60.01%( rejection > 8%)
Sulfhur10.23%( rejection > 0.12%)
Silicon Oxide2.12%( rejection > 0.08%)
Arsenic0.003 %( rejection > 9%)
Cadmium0.0001%( rejection > 9%)
Specific Gravity mpsLummmmps mps size7. 9390%( 90% within the limits ) 0.1130%

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